Caprice Bourret has previously posed naked to raise awareness of Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine. The 51-year-old model stripped naked and painted herself with a Stop The War slogan in support of Ukraine as the country continues to defend itself from Russian invasion.

Speaking to Richard Eden for the MailOnline, at the afterparty for new film The Lair, held at Maddox Tavern in Mayfair, she shared her thoughts on the war.

She reportedly told the publication: "I suppose I could send Putin a letter promising some nude pictures if he pulled out of Ukraine. If that stopped the war then I would do that.

"I've heard a rumour he's dead. And I worry about his replacement? They might be even worse."

Caprice talks of promising Putin 'nude pictures' may end Russia's war in Ukraine

Caprice talks of promising Putin 'nude pictures' may end Russia's war in Ukraine© CAPRICE BOURRET INSTAGRAM/GETTY

There have been previous reports of Putin possibly using a body double.

The Russo-Ukrainian War has been ongoing between Russia and Ukraine since February 2014.

A year ago, Russian forces launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine which is still ongoing.

Branding the invasion "disgusting" Caprice took to the picture-sharing site last year and called for an end to the conflict.

Caprice Bourret spoke against the conflict in Ukraine
Caprice Bourret spoke against the conflict in Ukraine© Getty

Baring her nude back for the camera, she displayed the words "F U WAR", which was scrawled across her back in black writing.

Plus, in another photo, she wrote the same message just beneath her collar bone, shielding her breasts with her arm to preserve her modesty.

In a lengthy post, she wrote: "Yesterday I posted these pics and Instagram took them down. Today I have reposted. I feel very strongly about the messaging and my freedom of speech which was provoked.

"These pics are provocative which I have modified today and the messaging very strong."

She went on: "Clearly I did this on purpose to instigate more talk. Society has this powerful platform to communicate to the world, promote peace and putting increasing pressure on those who are making decisions on our behalf.

"With internet and socials, we are blessed with freedom of speech so we could form our own perspective and opinions.

Furthermore, on a humanitarian level it is heartbreaking ,some of the most horrific images I have ever seen. The evil and lack of human regard is discusting and so very sad.

"But if you look at history, this is very scary and can implicate all of us on multiple levels."

Caprice finished: "We the people including those who are bravely demonstrating in Russia, risking getting 15 years jail time, to stop this senseless war.

"We all don't want war, we want peace!!!!"

She added the hashtags: "#nowar #wewantpeace #letskeeptalking #prayforpeace."