Sinead O’Connor shares startling details of alleged ‘frightening’ encounter with Prince

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Sinead O’Connor shares startling details of alleged ‘frightening’ encounter with Prince

Sinead O’Connor has shared more details of an alleged “frightening” encounter she claims to have had with Prince.

In 2019, the singer alleged that she was once “summoned” to the musician’s Hollywood mansion where she claims he “tried to beat me up”.

In a new book, as revealed in The New York Times, O’Connor has shared yet more details from this alleged

Prince, Sinéad O'Connor posing for the camera

The singer claims that Prince continually criticised her for using swear words in interviews and that he became obsessed with the idea of her eating a bowl of soup made by his butler.

She also alleges that, after the singer suggested a pillow fight, he hit her with a hard object that he’d secretly slipped into his pillowcase.

This is what allegedly prompted O’Connor to “escape on foot in the middle of the night”, whereupon she says Prince “stalked her with his car, leapt out and chased her around the highway”.

This corroborates her previous allegations, in which she told Good Morning Britain that “he was uncomfortable with the fact I wasn’t a protégé of his and that I’d just recorded” the hit song “Nothing Compares 2U”, which Prince wrote.

O’Connor said that the singer, who died in April 2016, was “into some pretty dark drugs at the time”, adding: “I’m not the only one he went at.”

Prince’s estate have been contacted for comment.

O’Connor’s book Rememberings is being published on 1 June. 

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