Diana Ross consistently wows fans with her stellar performances, and with the star taking to the stage at the Party At The Palace concert this weekend, we wondered how she stays so sprightly at 78?

he singer, who's been in the public eye since the 1960s with her band The Supremes, has had surprisingly few health woes over the years. She places great importance on her diet and fitness regime, which no doubt helps her stay fit and strong.

Diana previously suffered from an eating disorder, revealing in her autobiography titled 'Secrets of a Sparrow' that she struggled with anorexia. Diana said her eating disorder was a result of the pressure she was under in The Supremes.

While the star has thankfully said she has recovered from the condition, her health and daily exercise are now a priority. She tweeted to her followers in 2021: "Today I've been thinking about my health and wellbeing, we are all getting back to busy... Time to get my body moving."

At the start of 2022, the singer gave an insight into her health routine, telling her followers: "Today I am starting an easy simple intermittent fast, lemon and water and vegetable broth.

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Diana Ross is full of energy at 78

"Went to bed at 8:30 PM and will have a light meal at 12:30 PM -16 hours, easing into this new year," she continued. 


It seems her fasting and early bedtime routine works for her, helping the star to bounce back from injuries quickly. Last year she worried fans when she said she'd been in a car accident – but she didn't let the mishap stop her from performing.

"I was involved in a car accident yesterday, but I’m fine," she wrote on Twitter. "I ask you not to worry. I will see you tonight at the show in Providence."


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Diana Ross' performances are always show-stopping

In a message to fans on Facebook Diana added that she'd only suffered "a very tiny sore bump on my forehead at my hairline" and that "it was mostly shocking."

Here's hoping Diana stays strong and healthy, with performances for years to come.